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Food Styling job

As a food stylist, I have worked for more than 20 years.

photo by Yoji Kobayashi
cooking by Yukari Inoue

 My first job was a TV show, "QP 3 minutes cooking". In the morning, I started burnishing 20 to 30 pots and pans. And I washed many dishes for the show, ironed tablecloth, aprons for the cooking teacher, measured seasonings, prepared Bento (lunch box) for the staff...And I found that night came on taping a TV program for a week.
 As I got better at this, I was allowed to stand closed to the camera flame, putting seasoning, pulling empty bowls, turning gas. When the cooking teacher said, " let's keep it for 15 minutes...," I changed a pan which already cooked for 15minutes.
 If I found a bean on the table in the flame, I flicked a long chopstick at a bean checked if it was out of the flame.
 For me, it was something challenging. If you are talented in sports you can move spontaneously which is good for TV shooting.
 And now, looking back myself, I know I have received many opportunities to work with people. I can't express how grateful I am. When I was inexperienced, I made many mistakes and rude behavior that I am embarrassed. And thank you all for you understanding!!!

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